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Center for International Legal Studies

Doing Business in Ireland

Christian Campbell, ed.


03. Business Organisation (Mr Paul Foley)

06. Employment Law (Ms Noeleen Meehan)

07. Social Security (Mr Kevin Baneham)

08.01-08.04 Land and Environmental Law (Ms Ellen O'Callaghan)

08.05-08.08 Land and Environmental Laws (Environmental section) (Mr Niall Handy)

12. Intellectual Property (Ms Patricia McGovern)

13. Banks and Other Financial Institutions (Mr William Johnston)

16. Litigation (Mr Bill Holohan)

18. Termination of Business & Insolvency: Examinership, Receivership and Liquidation of Companies; Bankruptcy of Individuals (Mr Bill Holohan)

19. Arbitration (Mr Nael G. Bunni)