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Center for International Legal Studies

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business

Dennis Campbell, ed.


A Comparison of Registered Design and Trade Mark Protection - A South African Perspective (Mr Herman Blignaut)

A Critical Review of Existing Insurance Laws an Regulations in Nigeria (Mr James Igwe)

Acquisition of Companies in Peru (Mr Guillermo Auler)

Acquisition of Equity Interests in Italian Companies (Ms Fiorella F. Alvino)

Adjustments to the Swiss Corporate Governance Framework (Dr Urs P. Gnos)

Agreement on Trade - Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights - TRIPS (Mr Guy Heath)

Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures: A Five-Year Review (Ms Catherine Curtiss)

Alternative Dispute Resolution in India (Mr Aayush Bedi)

An Analysis of The Pari Passu Principle in Corporate Insolvency in The United Kingdom (Dr Pelma Rajapakse)

An Attempt to Reorganize the Concept of Creativity (Mr Takashi B. Yamamoto)

Antitrust in Brazil: Legal Aspects (Mr Paulo Marcos Brancher)

Application of the Doctrine of Legitimate Expectation in Australian Immigration Cases (Dr Pelma Rajapakse)

Arbitral Institutions' Partial Success in Consolidated Domain Names Complaint (Mr Ike Ehiribe)

Arbitration as Dispute Resolution Mechanism in Mergers & Acquisitions (Dr Bernd Ehle)

Arbitration Costs: Advance Payments and Reimbursement (Prof. Marianne Roth)

Arbitration in Paraguay (Mr Antonio Tellechea Solís)

Arbitration in Turkey (Mr Serdar Paksoy)

Arbitration Versus Litigation in Transnational Contracts: Recent Trends in the United States Relevant to Japanese Parties (Mr Richard H. Kreindler)

Austrian Capital Maintenance Rules – A Challenge for Group-Finance Transactions? (Dr Bernd Taucher)

Austrian Insolvency Law (Mr Thomas Hohenberg)

Bank Secrecy in Israel (Dr Ruth Plato-Shinar)

Bankruptcy and Insolvency Law the in Arab World (Ms Hiba I. Husseini)

Beneficial Ownership of Companies - G20 High-Level Principles (Mr Paul R Beckett)

Best Efforts Clauses: Common Law and Civil Law (Prof. Dr. Denis Philippe)

Brazilian Syndicalism and Collective Bargaining: Norms and Dispute Resolution (Mr Michael R. Royster)

Bulgarian Commerce Act (Ms Anna Dodova)

Business and Investment Law in the Ukraine (Dr Anna V. Tsirat)

Business Law Aspects of the New Brazilian Civil Code (Dr Durval De Noronha Goyos, Jr.)

Challenges in International Arbitration for Non-Signatories (Mr Clint A. Corrie)

Changes in the Legislative Framework Applicable to Portuguese Companies (Ms Ana Sofia Batista)

Chilean Securities Regulation (Mr Paulo Larrain M.)

China Trials and Tribulations (Mr David C. Buxbaum)

Civil and Commercial Obligations under the New Romanian Civil Code (Mr Cornel Popa)

Claim and Dispute Resolution Provisions of FIDIC's 1999 Major Forms (Mr Nael G. Bunni)

Colombia's Bilateral Investment Treaties and Trade Agreements (Mr José Francisco Mafla)

Commercial Agency and Distribution in Egypt (Dr Florian Amereller)

Commercial and Controversial: the Ukraine Codifies Its Business Legislation (Mr Sergei V. Konnov)

Commercial Companies in Portugal (Ms Catarina Figueiredo Rodrigues)

Companies and the UK Human Rights Act 1998: A Model for Domestic Implementation of the European Convention on Human Rights? (Dr Alan Dignam)

Comparative Analysis of the Newly Enacted Korean Security Rights Registration Act (Mr Woo-Jung Jon)

Comparative Visions of the Concept of Fiduciary Duty: Toward a Global Definition That Promotes Socially Responsible Investing (Mr Jay Thomas Youngdahl)

Competition and Universal Service Obligations in Brazil's Telecommunications Market (Ms Helena Lopes Xavier)

Competition Law Regime in Taiwan (Mr Chun-yih Cheng)

Computer Law in Greece (Dr Andromachi Delicostopoulou)

Computer Law in Hungary (Dr István Bajkai)

Concealed Employment in Selected Jurisdictions (Ms Tereza Erenyi)

Consortium Agreements, Fifth Framework Regulations and Technology Transfer (Mr Zeev Weiss)

Consumer Protection in Argentina (Mr Esteban Rópolo)

Consumer Protection in Spain (Mr Javier Gutierrez)

Contracts with Public Authorities (Mr Xavier Moliner Bernades)

Copyright Protection of Digital Rights Management (Mr Takashi B. Yamamoto)

Corporate Governance Practices in Nigeria's Pension Industry (Mr James Igwe)

Corporate Mergers and Acquisitions in Turkey (Mr Kemal Serdengecti)

Criminal Law Implications of International Business Transactions (Dr Julian Hermida)

cross border mergers under German law (Dr Arnd Becker)

Current Foreign Capital Investments Regulation in Brazil (Mr Walter Douglas Stuber)

Current Status of Arbitration Involving Russian Companies in Russia and Abroad after the Russian Arbitration Reform (Ms Veronika Demidova)

Cybercrime in the Corporate Sector (Ms Savitha Kesav Jagadeesan)

Cybertorts & Global Private Attorneys-General (Prof. Michael L. Rustad)

Cyprus Laws on Arbitration (Ms Chrysthia N. Papacleovoulou)

Czech Civil Procedures (Mr Rostislav Pekar)

Damage Caps: Recent Trends in American Tort Law (Mr Mark K. Osbeck)

Debt Restructuring Agreements in Italy (Ms Monica Colacicco)

Decentralisation of the EU Internal Market (Ms Janja Hojnik)

Designing Legal Strategies to Address Institutional Effects on Telecommunications - Regulatory Regimes and Investment Decisions (Dr Barbara A. Cherry)

Developments under the Federal Arbitration Act (Mr Michael R. Lied)

Disqualification of Counsel in International Arbitration (Dr Roberto Ceccon)

Distribution Agreements in Spain (Mr Claudio Garcés)

Distribution and “Commercial Representation” (Mr John C. Dryllerakis)

Dividend Distribution in Public Companies (Ms Aigerim Sabit)

Doing Business in Estonia (Ms Imbi Jürgen)

Doing Business in Guatemala (Dr Alfonso Carrillo M.)

Doing Business in Romania (Prof. Dr. Dragos-Alexandru A. Sitaru)

Economic dependency in franchising: is the franchisee a weak contracting party or simply an inattentive one? (Ms Fiorella F. Alvino)

Electronic Contracts and Signiatures in Japan (Mr Takato Natsui)

Electronic Discovery and its Implications for International Arbitration (Mr John Tieder)

Employment Laws in India (Ms Aakarshan Agre)

Employment of Expatriate Staff in Nigeria (Mr Nduka Ikeyi)

Enforcement of International Arbitral and Judicial Decisions (Mr Mikhail Mekler)

Entertainment Law in Italy (Mr Andrea Lazzaretti)

Environment - Criminal Sanctions (Mr Antonio Jose L.C. Monteiro)

Ethics of the Legal Professional (Ms Adriana Camargo Rodrigues)

EU-Israel Trade in the Automobile Sector: Is Israel's High Taxation of Cars Legal under the Association Agreement? (Prof. Arie Reich)

European and American Law Affecting the Disabled Worker: A Guide for the Transnational Business (Prof. em. Carol Daugherty Rasnic)

European Community Directives on Audio Visual Products and Their Application in Italian Law (Mr Ombretta Fabe Dal Negro)

European Cooperative Company (Mr Dennis Duinslaeger)

Exchange Control: Only for Developing Countries? (Mr Juan Diego Rodriguez)

Exclusive Distribution Contract (Dr Cecilia Barrero)

Exit Clauses Applicable to Joint Ventures under Belgian Law (Mr Yves Brulard)

Expert Determination in Merger and Acquisition Disputes (Mr Dan Terkildsen)

Expert Evidence in International Commercial Arbitration - Current Practice and New Trends (Dr Stephan Wilske)

Federal Tort Claims Act (Mr David A. Sleppy)

Financial Assistance and Acquisition Finance (Mr Andreas Doepel)

Financial Collaterals in Slovenian Law (Dr Miha Juhart)

Foreign Exposure to American Antitrust Laws in the Patent Context (Mr John L. Cooper)

Foreign Investment in Brazil's Healthcare Sector (Mr Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva)

Foreign Investment in Brazilian Infrastructure (Mr Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva)

Foreign Investment in China: Law and Policy (Mr David C. Buxbaum)

Foreign Litigants in American Courts (Mr Joseph K. Hetrick)

Franchising Agreements in the Ukraine (Dr Anna V. Tsirat)

Franchising Agreements under Italian Law (Ms Valentina Giarrusso)

Franchising Law in Canada (Dr Julian Hermida)

Freeze-Out Mergers under Delaware Law (Mr James Igwe)

French and European Law on Transfers of Undertakings and Protection of Employment (Mr Philippe Desprès)

Give Me That Ol' Time Religion, but Perhaps not in the Workplace (Prof. em. Carol Daugherty Rasnic)

Hague Securities Convention: New Rules for Choice of Law Regarding Intermediated Securities (Mr Clint A. Corrie)

Has China a Coherent Private Law? - Its Eastern and Western Origins (Mr Wei Shen)

Hiring-Out of Workers in Europe (Mr Chris Engels)

Human Rights Treaties in Immigration Law (Dr Pelma Rajapakse)

Implementation of the Market Abuse Directive (Mr Peder Hammarskiold)

Incorporating UNIDROIT Principles into International Commercial Contracts (Prof. Vincent R. Johnson)

India's Nuclear Liability Regime (Mr Roy George)

Insider Trading in the Netherlands (Mr David S. Schreuders)

Insolvency Risk and Creditors' Rights in Peru (Mr Guillermo Puelles)

Inspection Mechanisms of International Development Banks (JUDr. Katarína Chovancová)

Internat. Commercial Arbitration in Brazil (Mr Clint A. Corrie)

International Arbitration Practice in Germany (Dr Stephan Wilske)

International Broker-Dealer & Investment Banker Strategies (Mr J. Keith Kessel)

International Investment: An Overview of Multilateral, Regional and Bilateral Trade Related Investment Measures (Mr Joseph F. Dennin)

Investment Funds Law and Regulation in Serbia (Ms Tatjana Jovanic)

Investment treaty disputes - selected Developments in 2008 and First Half of 2009 (Ms Julita Zimoch-Tucholka)

Investment Visa Categories to the United States and Hong Kong (Mr Eugene Chow)

Iran (Ms Mehrnaz Mehrabi)

Israel as a Trust and Business Center (Mr Alon Kaplan)

Italian Bankruptcy Law (Mr Massimo Boni)

Italian Benefit Corporation (Mr Marco Mazzeschi)

Italian Contractual Aspects of Cloud Computing (Mr Gabriele Ferrante)

Italian Rules on Conflict of Laws (Mr Vincenzo Sinisi)

Joint Ventures in Hungary (Dr Ágnes Szent-Ivány)

Joint Ventures in Singapore (Ms Hooi Yen Chin)

Joint Ventures in Thailand (Mr Apichart Phankeasorn)

Key Amendments in the New Austrian Insolvency Code (Dr Otto Wächter)

Key Aspects of Cross-Border Mergers and Acquisitions in Brazil (Mr Guilherme Leite)

Labor and Employment Law in Italy (Ms Fiorella F. Alvino)

Labour and Employment Law and Pensions in Austria (Dr Friedrich Schwank)

Laws and Regulations on International M&A in Japan (Ms Reiko Nagata)

Leave Rights for Medical and Family Reasons: Comparing US and Hungarian Law (Prof. em. Carol Daugherty Rasnic)

Legal Framework of Privatization in Romania (Ms Mihaela Grama Popovici)

Legal Issues Arising When Non-U.S. Athletes Choose to Compete Professionally in the United States (Mr Allen E.F. Rozansky)

Legal Liability for Indirect Infringement of Copyright in Japan (Mr Takashi B. Yamamoto)

Legal Process Outsourcing and Legal Ethics (Prof. Keith R. Fisher)

Legal Regulation of Foreign Investments in the Russian Federation (Ms Natalia Iordanova)

Legal Review of Greek Electricity and Gas Regulations (Ms Christina Vlachtsis)

Legal Structures for Business in Argentina (Dr Mario E. Castro Sammartino)

Liability of Managing Directors under Slovak Law (Mr Herman Pikaly)

Liberalization of Competition in the Brazilian Telecommunications Market (Ms Helena Lopes Xavier)

Licensing Intellectual Property in Mexico (Mr Alejandro Staines A.)

Liechtenstein Tax law - Innovations, Restrictions and Influences (Dr Markus H. Wanger)

Likelihood of Association under the Influence of the European Community Law (Mr Alex Schmitt)

Love it and 'leave' it: Comparing and Contrasting Irish and American Work Leave Statutes (Prof. em. Carol Daugherty Rasnic)

Mediation and Lawyers (Mr Carlos Darío Ruffinelli)

Memorandum concerning the Main Aspects of the Organic Telecommunications Law in Venezuela (Ms Vera De Brito De Gyarfas)

Mergers, Acquisitions and Foreign Capital Ownership in the Brazilian Cellular Telecommunications Market (Ms Helena Lopes Xavier)

Mexico-European Community Economic Association (Mr Juan Francisco Torres Landa R.)

Misuse of Market Power in Australia (Ms Elizabeth Richmond)

Modernising Trust Law in Hong Kong (Mr Michael Ma)

Mongolia (Ms Tamir Boldbaatar)

NAFTA and CAFTA Investor-State Arbitrations (Mr Robert Neron)

New Developments in Swiss Competition Law and their Impact on Foreign Undertakings (Dr Thomas A. Frick)

New reinsurance regime in Argentina (Mr Maximiliano Batista)

New Romanian Civil Code (Dr Ligia Alina Catuna)

New Ukraine Bankruptcy Law (Dr Anna V. Tsirat)

Nigerian Cybercrimes Act (Mr Jonathan Kish Adamu)

Observations on Trends and Developments in Public and Private Cartel Enforcement in Australia (Mr Ross McInnes)

Obtaining Electronic Evidence in Special Circumstances: Anton Piller Orders and the Internet Defamation (Mr Berkley D. Sells)

Outlook on Carbon Trading Practice (Ms Gita Syahrani)

Outsourcing Legal Services in France (Ms Leila Hamzaoui)

Outsourcing Legal Services: Impact on US Law Practices (Mr Jay Thomas Youngdahl)

Overview of the Most Recent Changes in the Corporate Laws of the Russian Federation (Mr Sergey A. Treshchev)

Panama's Substantive Law on Captive Insurance Company (Mr Juan Pablo Fabrega)

Panamanian Securities Legislation: The Road to Transparency and Accountability (Ms Beth Anne Gray J.)

Patent Infringement Litigation in Japan (Mr Toshiyuki Fukai)

Pension Funds in Nigeria (Mr James Igwe)

Personal Data Transfer Mechanisms between the European Union and the United States (Ms Marnita Robertson)

Piercing of the Corporate Veil in Brazilan Law (Mr Felipe Toscano)

Piercing the Corporate Veil, New Perspectives (Mr Stanley W. Elkind)

Piercing the Corporate Veil: Proposal for a New Law in Mexico (Mr Juan Francisco Torres Landa R.)

Privacy Protection in Digital Age (Prof. Dr. Mohd Altaf Hussain Ahangar)

Private International Law and insolveny proceedings in Spain (Mr Antoni Frigola Riera)

Processing of Personal Data in the Employment Context in Hungary (Dr Tamás Gödölle)

Protection and Benefits to Private Investments in Peru (Mr Victor Avila Cabrera)

Protection of Consumers of Financial Services in Nigera (Dr Joseph A. Nwobike)

Protection of Foreign Copyrights and Trademarks under Nigerian Law (Mr Linus Osita Okeke)

Protection of Foreign Investment in Romania (Dr Ligia Alina Catuna)

Protection of Minority Shareholders (Ms Mehrnaz Mehrabi)

Provisional Measure No. 1710-1 of September 18, 1998 (Mr Antonio Jose L.C. Monteiro)

Public Private Partnerships in Greece (Mr Christos Gramatidis)

Real Property Law in Spain (Mr Juan B. Antequera)

Recent Canadian Trends in Extraterritorial Taxation (Mr A. Brent Kerr)

Recent developments in Australia regarding amendments to patent specifications during infringement proceedings (Mr André Meyer)

Recent Developments in the Implementation of 5G Technology and its Benefits (Mr Ricardo Barretto Ferreira da Silva)

Recent Practice and Experience with the Swiss Merger Act (Dr Urs P. Gnos)

Recognition and Enforcement of Foreign Judgments in Italy (Mr Massimo Boni)

Reform of Italian Insolvency Proceedings in Light of International Standards and European Law (Ms Giuseppina De Stefano)

Regulation of Foreign Direct Investment in United States (Ms Rikako Watai)

Regulations Concerning Advertising in Poland (Mr Marek Oleksyn)

Remedies for Breach of Contract: A Brazilian Perspective (Mr André De Luizi Correia)

Representations of Food and Beverage Products in the United States (Mr Adam Fox)

Responsible Resource Development: An Opportunity for Uganda (Mr Jonathan Neff)

Restructuring and refinancing routes of mortgage-secured debt in Spain (Mr Guillermo Rodrigo Garcia)

Romanian Corporate Governance Principles under Capital Markets and Securities Law (Mr Florian Nitu)

Romanian Law on Electronic Commerce (Mr Catalin Baiculescu)

Securities Exchange Law in Taiwan (Mr Lawrence Ong)

Securities Law in Spain (Dr Javier Cremades)

Security Interests on Real Estate in Argentina (Mr Julio A. Kelly)

Serbia's New Law on Protection of Competition (Ms Tatjana Jovanic)

Setting-aside, Recognition and Enforcement of Private Commercial Arbitration Awards in Mexico (Mr Luis Omar Guerrero R.)

Settlement of Investment Disputes in Nigera (Mr James Igwe)

Settling International Commercial Disputes through Arbitration (Mr Anton Georg Maurer)

Slovakia's New Bankruptcy Act - Tilts Playing Field Toward Debtors (Mr Erik Seman)

Societas Europaea (Ms Constança Carrington)

Some Considerations on Internal Investigations in Argentina (Mr Enrique M. Stile)

Spanish Competition Law (Mr Ramon Girbau)

Spanish Telecommunications: A Business Case (Dr Javier Cremades)

Square Pegs in Round Holes: The Impact of Western Norms in Corporate Governance Practices in Hong Kong (Mr Padraig Walsh)

Swedish and UK Takeover Regulations and Their Supervision (Mr Ake J. Fors)

Swiss Disclosure Rules on Significant Shareholdings - Overview and Recent Developments (Dr Urs P. Gnos)

Tax Arbitration in Portugal (Mr Rogério M. Fernandes Ferreira)

Tax incentives for U.S. and Foreign Pharmaceutical Companies to Enter into Out-Sourcing Arrangements with Unrelated Puero Rico Manufacturers (Mr Robert S. Griggs)

Telecommunications Law in Colombia (Mr Luis Eduardo Nieto)

Telecommunications Law in the Philippines (Mr Leland R. Villadolid, Jr.)

The Ability to Bridge Cultural Differences: A Prerequisite for Good Counsel in International Transactions (Mr Stephen D.R. Taylor)

The Absence of a Market for Corporate Control for Panamian Public Corporations: Replicating Its Effects as a Mechanism for the Protection of Minority Shareholders (Mr Alejandro E. Alemán F.)

The American "Economic Loss Rule" (Prof. Vincent R. Johnson)

The Efficacy of the Legal Framework for Settlement of Trade Disputes in Nigeria (Mr James Igwe)

The European Commission's proposed directive on Alternative Investment Fund Managers: Inevitable Regulations with an unpredictable impact (Mr Erik Seman)

The European Insolvency Regulation and Its Application in the Member States (Ms Almut Diederichsen)

The Exchange Control Regulations in Venezuela (Mr Carlos Eduardo Acedo)

The French Perspective on Company Duties in a Transfer of Undertakings (Ms Leila Hamzaoui)

The International Commercial Aribtration in Italy (Dr Roberto Ceccon)

The Japanese Court's Jurisdiction Over International Cases (Mr Takashi B. Yamamoto)

The Law on Protection of Competition (Ms Anna Dodova)

The Most Common Anti-Crisis Measure: Reducing the Workforce (Mr Scott E. Brown)

The New Corporation Law in Japan (Mr Toshihiko Oinuma)

The New EU Directive on Conversions, Mergers and Cross-Border Divisions (Mr Tiziano Membri)

The New Vienna Rules 2013 (Dr Christian W. Konrad)

The Next Battleground in Antitrust Litigation: Private Enforcement of Articles 81 and 82 in the Courts of the European Union's Member States (Mr Daniel S. Mason)

The Panamanian Legislation on Private Interest Foundation (Mr Luis Lopez Alfaro)

The Singapore Convention for Mediation: From Promotion to Workable Standards by Way of New York (Mr James M. Claxton)

The Spanish Insolvency Act 2003 (Ms Ana Ribó)

The United States Federal False Claims Act and Employee Qui Tam Suits: Impact on Non-United States Companies (Mr Alan M. Koral)

The Use of Intellectual Property as Collateral In Secured Financing: Practical Concerns (Ms Anjanette Raymond)

The Vienna Convention on the International Sale of Goods (Prof. Dr. Denis Philippe)

The War against Corruption Goes International (Mr Sesto E. Vecchi)

Trade Dress or Packaging (Ms Cecilia Acosta-Mayoral)

Trade Mark Registration in Hong Kong (Mr Angus H. Forsyth)

Trademark Counterfeiting and Unfair Competition in Romania (Ms Anca Buta Musat)

Trans-Adriatic Pipeline Project Agreements: Comparison with Energy Charter Model Texts (Ms Christina Vlachtsis)

Transfer of Company Shares in Venezuela (Ms Luisa Acedo de Lepervanche)

Transfer of Credit Portfolios in Latvia (Mr Martins Rudzitis)

Transposition of the European Payment Services Directive 2 (Mr Joaquin Sales)

Turkey's Merger Control Regime (Ms Nese Tasdemir Önder)

Two Worlds of Quickwrap Licensing Collide (Prof. Michael L. Rustad)

United States Business Immigration (Mr Bennett R. Savitz)

United States Securities Law Implications of Employee Stock Purchase and Option Plans (Mr Joseph G. Krassy)

United States-China Relations on Intellectual Property Issues (Mr Michael-John Voss)

Warranties under Slovak Law (Mr Erik Seman)

Western Property Laws in China and Indonesia (Ms Jacqueline Mowbray)

What to Expect as American Asbestos Litigation Industry Moves to Europe (Mr Kirk T. Hartley)

Which European Regulation for Security Tokens? (Mr Bruno Mathis)

Wind Project Risk Analysis: Which Way does the Wind Blow in Central America (Mr Jonathan Neff)