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Center for International Legal Studies

The Practice of Law - 2023 and Beyond

Kitzbühel, Austria, Sunday, 29 January - Saturday, 4 February 2023


Chaired by

Silvia L. Coulter

Patrcia McGovern

Overall Themes

• Covid (what do law firms look post-Covid, how did they survive the previous 2 years);
• People (employment problems, associate and talent retention);
• AI (augmented reality, apps, metaverse, blockchain);
• Social (DEI – diversity, equity and inclusion, ESG – environment, sustainability, governance, BHR – business and human rights);
• The Russian War (getting people and business out of Russia; relocating Ukrainians; energy crisis);
• Business development (basing business development on historical firm data.. or not);
• Clients (clients wishes and expectations)

Registered Delegates and Faculty

David Barker, Rahul Batra, Jessica Beess und Chrostin, Claudia Berndt, Silvia Coulter, Laura Devine, Robert D. Epstein, Utz Kador, Joseph M. Matthews, Patricia McGovern, Gordon Muir, Stephen M. Packman, Joshua D. Rievman, Catherine A. Sas, Christof Siefarth, Dariusz Szczesniak, David Thibodeau, Roman Zelichenko, Sonia Ziesche,