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Center for International Legal Studies

Mediation & Technology Post-Pandemic

Join us Via Zoom, Friday, 10 September - Friday, 10 September 2021

What did we learn & how do we benefit as mediators in enhancing our skills and out practice?


Hon. Ken Fields

Claudia Caluori


Jack Russo, Palo Alto, California, United States.

Wayne Murrell, London, United Kingdom.

Sasan Nematbakhsh, Atlanta, Georgia, United States.

Anna Plevri, Nicosia, Cyprus and Thessaloniki, Greece.


Open discussion on Zoom for 2 hours; First ½ hour: Meeting and greeting as well as ensuring all attendees are on online; next 1 hour: Introduction & background of speakers and discussion; last ½ hour: open discussion/questions/comments from everyone

Registered Delegates and Faculty

Federico Antich, Orit Asnin, Claudia Caluori, Colin F. Campbell, Kenneth L. Fields, Tim Allen Hicks, Carol Ludington, Wayne Leroy Murrell, Jack Russo, Christof Siefarth,