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Center for International Legal Studies

International Mediation Symposium

Salzburg, Austria, Thursday, 13 June - Sunday, 16 June 2019

Chair and Regional Chairs

Hon. Ken Fields

Claudia Caluori
Europe, Middle East, Africa

Alan Anderson
United States and Canada

Aloysius Goh
Asia Pacific

The symposium is a gathering of dispute resolution specialists (attorneys, litigators, mediators, arbitrators, judges, expert witnesses, academics) and users of mediation to discuss issues in mediation, both common and diverse. The overall theme for the 2019 symposium is diversity in mediation from the perspective of dispute resolution professionals.

Wolters Kluwer Publication

Select papers may be published in the "Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business - Special Issue on Mediation" (contact the administraton for further information). Kluwer Logo


Wednesday, 12 June 2019

Optional Early Arrivals Get Together


Those arriving Wednesday meet Ken Fields at the Front Desk to plan for a join evening meal.

Thursday, 13 June 2019



Joint Chairs:
• The Hon. Judge Kenneth (Ken) L. Fields (ret.), Fields Mediation, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
• Claudia Caluori, Eptalex Aziz Torbey Law Firm, Beirut, Lebanon (Middle East, Europe, Africa)
• Alan M. Anderson, Alan Anderson Law Firm LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States (North America)
• Aloysius Goh, Singapore International Mediation Centre, Singapore (Asia Pacific)

Mediation in a Changing Climate


From consensus to confrontation? As we see increasing polarisation in various parts of the world, what role should mediators play in policy-making? Can mediators offer a different way of doing things?

Opening Speaker:
• John Sturrock QC, Core Solutions Group, Edinburgh, Scotland, United Kingdom



Panel 1.
Using Neuroscience and Behavioural Psychology in Mediation


Understanding the different cultural responses: Our understanding of what is described as neuroscience, and related fields, is growing exponentially. It seems critical for mediators to be aware of its importance and impact

• Teresa F. Frisbie, Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Chicago, Illinois, United States
• Tim Allen Hicks, Connexus Conflict Management, Eugene, Oregon, United States

Panel 2.
Cultural Considerations in Mediation


Bias/Discrimination in Mediation and the Elimination/Recognition of these Biases, Recognition of Cultural Differences When You Have Mediations Involving Different Cultures:
--- recognizing & dealing with cultural, professional, or other biases
--- use of interpreters in mediation

Moderator and Speaker:
Lynn Cole, Mediator and Arbitrator, Tampa, Florida, United States

• Anne-Karin Grill, Vavrovsky Heine Marth Rechtsanwälte GmbH, Vienna, Austria
• Eileen Clancy, John Jay College, New York, New York, United States
• Rima Fawaz El-Hussein, Frontiers Ruwad Association, Beirut, Lebanon

Coffee Break


Panel 3.
To Regulate or Not to Regulate


How rules may impact of the international practice of mediation:
--- No Regulation or minimalist regulation?
--- Need for Regulation-What is pressing need to regulate?
--- How to Regulate- By statute or private organizations(self-Regulation)
--- Does regulation chill or diminish mediation as effective dispute resolution tool
--- How mediation training changes the practice? What is the impact of different training in the conduct of cross-border mediation?
--- Guidelines in mediation training

Moderator and Speaker:
Federico Antich, Studio Avvocato Antich, Florence, Italy

• Markus Doerig, Badertscher Attorneys, Zurich, Switzerland
• Maryam Salehijam, University of Ghent, Faculty of Law, European Private Law, Ghent, Belgium
• Amelie Huber-Starlinger, Baier Rechtsanwälte, Vienna, Austria
• Donald H. Mullins, Badgley Mullins Law Group PLLC, Seattle, Washington, United States.

Welcome Cocktail


Tour of Palace


Opening Dinner


Friday, 14 June 2019

Panel 4.
Professional Negligence Mediations


Medical, Legal or Mediator/Arbitrator Malpractice…how it is perceived in different jurisdictions

Thomas S. Clifton, Professional Law Corporation, Oakland, California, United States

• Egidijus Langys, Avocad Law Firm, Vilnius, Lithuania
• Janice Mulligan, Mulligan Banham & Findley, San Diego, California, United States
• N. Denise Asher, Asher Mediation, San Diego, California, United States

Coffee Break


Panel 5.
The Changing Faces of Mediation


Lynn Cole, Mediator and Arbitrator, Tampa, Florida, United States & Claudia Caluori, Eptalex Aziz Torbey Law Firm, Beirut, Lebanon

• Umut Metin, MTN Law, Istanbul, Turkey
• Marie-Agnes Arlt,, Vienna, Austria
• Linda Fitz-Alan, Abu Dhabi Global Market Courts, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
• Isabelle Lackman, HUTAN-Kinabatangan Orangutan Conservation Project, Kota Kinabalu, Sabah, Malaysia.



Panel 6.
Technology and Mediation


--- Artificial Intelligence implications for mediators and other dispute resolution professionals
--- Cypher Security Concerns for mediators and other ADR professionals
--- State of Art for Online Dispute Resolution
--- A Blockchain World-Understanding for dispute Resolution
--- Smart Contracts

Moderator and Speaker:
Claudia Caluori, Eptalex Aziz Torbey Law Firm, Beirut, Lebanon

• Jack Russo, ComputerLaw Group, LLP, Palo Alto, California, United States
• Jeff Bullwinkel, Microsoft Europe, Amsterdam, Netherlands
• Kristianna Gasparjan, Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, Florida, United States

Coffee Break


Panel 7.
Ethical and Cross-Cultural Issues in Mediation and Settlement Negotiations


This panel would discuss the options and delicacies of doing a Mediation-Arbitration, Arbitration-Mediation and/or Arbitration-Mediation-arbitration by the same mediator/Arbitrator and/or other ethical issues

Christof Siefarth, GÖRG Partnerschaft von Rechtsanwälten mbB, Cologne, Germany

• Patrick Baeten, ENGIE, Brussels, Belgium
• Hon. Colin F. Campbell (ret.), Osborn Maledon, Phoenix, Arizona, United States
• Hon. James H. Gilbert (ret.), Gilbert Mediation Center Ltd, Eden Prairie, Minnesota, United States
• Renate Dendorfer-Digtes, Ditges Partnerschaft mbB, Bonn, Germany

Saturday, 15 June 2019

Panel 8.
International Disputes


Current approach and new trends

Moderator and Speaker:
Alan M. Anderson, Alan Anderson Law Firm LLC, Minneapolis, Minnesota, United States

• Marie-Aude Ziadé, Fierville Ziadé, Paris, France
• Brahim Mouelhi, Mediator and Legal Counsel, Voisins le Bretonneux, France
• Andreas Hacke, Zwanzig Hacke Meilke & Partner, Düsseldorf, Germany

Coffee Break


Panel 9.
Mediating High-Emotion Disputes


--- Family Disputes such as divorces, family business disputes
--- Potential violence during the mediation (can these be effectively mediated)
--- Family Arbitration Model Act- Uniform Commission
--- Human Resources Mediations

Hon. Nancy Flatters (ret.), Mediation, Arbitration, ADR & Judicial Settlement Conferencing Trainer & Educator, Calgary, Alberta, Canada

• Tomoko Takase, Arcus Law, Osaka, Japan
• Tim McFarlane, McFarlane Legal Dispute Resolution, Melbourne, Australia
• Orit Asnin, Asnin Law Office, Haifa & Tel Aviv, Israel
• Harvey C. Berger, Pope, Berger, Williams & Reynolds, LLP, San Diego, California, United States
• Lisa Renee Pomerantz, Mediator and Attorney-at-Law, Bohemia, New York, United States



Panel 10.
Conduct of the Mediation


Are there only established methods of conducting mediations or is there room to experiment with and diversify the mediation process? Have we any methodology by which we can gauge whether the tried and true mediation approaches/theories are working? Is there any method by which we can determine whether our experimentation with the mediation process is productive?

The Hon. Judge Kenneth (Ken) L. Fields (ret.), Fields Mediation, Phoenix, Arizona, United States

• David Nolan SC, Barrister, Dublin, Ireland
• Hon. Allen S. Goldberg (ret.), Jams, Chicago, Illinois, United States
• Carol Ludington, Ludington Ltd, Willernie, Minnesota, United States
• Greg Bertram, Pacific ADR Consulting, Seattle, Washington, United States
• Krista Miller, Miller Mediation, Burr Ridge, Illinois, United States

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Registered Delegates and Faculty

Alan M. Anderson, Federico Antich, Marie-Agnes Arlt, Denise Asher, Orit Asnin, Patrick Baeten, Harvey C. Berger, Jeff Bullwinkel, Claudia Caluori, Colin F. Campbell, Eileen Clancy, Thomas S. Clifton, Lynn Cole, Renate Dendorfer-Ditges, Markus Dörig, Denis Edwards, Rima Fawaz El Husseini, Kenneth L. Fields, Linda Fitz-Alan, Nancy Flatters, QC, Teresa F. Frisbie, Kristianna Gasparjan, James H. Gilbert, Allen S. Goldberg, Anne-Karin Grill, Andreas Hacke, Tim Allen Hicks, Amelie Huber-Starlinger, Isabelle Lackman, Egidijus Langys, Tim McFarlane, Umut Metin, Krista Miller, Brahim Mouelhi, Janice F. Mulligan, Donald H. Mullins, Lisa Renee Pomerantz, Jack Russo, Maryam Salehijam, Christof Siefarth, John Sturrock, Tomoko Takase, Marie-Aude Ziadé,