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Center for International Legal Studies

The Center for International Legal Studies - CILS/the Center - is a law research, training, and teaching institute, established and operating as a non-profit, public interest society under Austrian law. Its international headquarters have been in Salzburg, Austria since 1976. Its essential purpose is to promote and disseminate knowledge among members of the international legal community with 5,000 lawyers worldwide having been recognised for their contributions to CILS projects.

CILS holds several seminars each year. Until the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority of England and Wales (SRA) in November 2014 amended its Continuing Professional Development (CPD) regulations to generally discontinue accrediting CPD providers, CILS had been an SRA accredited CPD provider since October 2002 (with the provider number CHQ/CEIN). CILS was consequently recognised under the approved jurisdiction rules for Continuing Legal Education Credit (CLE) by the States of New York and California.

The Center for International Legal Studies has developed, coordinated and published hundreds of legal research projects since 1977.

Through its Senior Lawyer Visiting Professors Program, the Center places experienced practitioners in visiting professorships at institutions in Eastern Europe, Russia and former Soviet republics, China, India, and Myanmar. Almost 500 senior lawyers have taken up almost 1000 appointments since the program began in 2006.

The Center has founded and organises the Foreign Direct Investment International Arbitration Moot, the premiere investor-State arbitration moot competition. Its co-founders are  SULS, PUSL, DIS and KCL.

The Center owns and administers the International Business Law Consortium, an alliance of select independent law firms helping each other serve their clients internationally.

The Center administers the ParadiGM Community, a community connecting global mobility practitioners in genuine, meaningful ways that help grow and thrive professionally while giving back to diverse communities.