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Center for International Legal Studies

Congress of CILS Fellows

Miguel Ruiz Herrera

Mr. Miguel Ruiz Herrera
Lex Counsel
EscazĂș, Edificio Terraforte, 4to Piso
San José,
Costa Rica

Participation in CILS Projects

Lawyering in the International Market (Bias Against Developing Countries in International Arbitration)

2009 FDI Moot (Arbitrator)

2008 FDI Moot (Arbitrator)

Legal Dimensions of International Sales and Services (Mediation and Arbitration in International Sales)

Lawyering in the International Market (Surprises after a Due Diligence in Real Estate Investment in Developing Countries)

International Business Law Summit (More Surprises in Due Diligence in Real Estate)

International Employment and Business Immigration Law, 2009 (Moderator)

International Arbitration Symposium (Moderator)

2010 FDI Moot (Arbitrator)

International Employment Law (Costa Rica)

Digest of Commercial Laws of the World (Costa Rica)

Recent Developments in National Commercial Law (Costa Rica)