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Center for International Legal Studies

Congress of CILS Fellows

Katarína Chovancová

JUDr. Katarína Chovancová
Paneuropean University
Tomasikova 20

Participation in CILS Projects

4th Biennial Symposium on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Reslolution (International Arbitration in Slovakia)

Emerging Trends in Dispute Resolution (Enforcement of Arbitral Awards vs. Enforcement of Court Judgments in the New Countries of the European Union)

5th Biennial Symposium on Arbitration and Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation in Slovakia - New and Surprisingly Successful)

European Training Course for Arbitrators (Moderator)

International Business Law Summit (Banking Arbitration in Slovakia)

International Arbitration (Moderator)

International Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium (Mediation in Slovakia)

International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution (Res Judicata of International Arbitral Awards)

International Arbitration and Mediation - From the Professional's Perspective (Arbitration in Slovakia: Breaking New Ground)

Comparative Law Yearbook of International Business (Inspection Mechanisms of International Development Banks)

International Dispute Resolution (Mediation in Slovakia)