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Center for International Legal Studies

Congress of CILS Fellows

Jack Russo

Mr. Jack Russo
Computerlaw Group LLP
401 Florence Street
Palo Alto, California
United States

Participation in CILS Projects

Senior Lawyers' Orientation Program Spring 2009 (Moderator)

Legal Dimensions of International Sales and Services (Mediation and Arbitration of Complex International Intellectual Property Disputes)

LLM in United States and Global Business Law (Moderator)

Lawyering in the International Market (Complex International Intellectual Property Disputes)

International Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution Symposium (Mediating Complex Intellectual Property Issues)

LLM in International Business Practice (1st year) (Cycle I)

LLM in International Business Practice (1st and 2nd year) (Cycle II)

The Rock & Roll World of Intellectual Property (Harmonizing US & EU Trade Secret Law in Litigation & in Licensing)

2013 LLM in Transnational Commercial Practice (3rd year) (Cycle III - Warsaw)

International Trade in Legal Services (CDR v. ADR: Creative Dispute Resolution as the Future Discipline for Alternative Dispute Resolution Professionals )

International Issues in Intellectual Property: From Acquisitions to Utility (Federal trade secrets law topic)

International Mediation Symposium (Moderator)