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Center for International Legal Studies

International Legal Practice Internships

Preliminary Enquiry (no fee**)

First Name*
Last Name*
Nick Name
Primary Email*
Law School Email
If different from primary email
Nationality/Permanent Residence*
To help us identify possible visa issues
Law School/Graduation Year*
e.g. Penn/2018
Law GPA/Credits completed*
e.g. 3.0/32
Placement Location Preference*
List 3 or more jurisdictions (not just cities) you would be open to interning in. If you are especially flexible, you can write in "Europe" or "Latin America" or "any French speaking country", etc
Foreign Language Skills*
Relevant to your placement location preferences; also if you do NOT speak English to professional native-speaker level, please indicate
Available from about ...*
When could you start? May and June are good times, because e.g. European rivals for placement are still in classes.
 ...until about*
When would you need to finish? In Europe mid- to end-August can be slow (vacation month).
Duration Desired*
Most internships last 4-6 weeks. If you MUST have a longer period (to obtain funding/scholarship) please indicate here; also if you will be doing another program sometime between the start and end dates.
Host Types*
Most hosts are private sector (small- to medium-sized local law firms ca.70% of hosts, in-house ca. 5%); public interest placements are less than 25% (NGOs, Research Units, IOs).
I have read and understand the program description.

When you submit the above form, the data will be emailed to you to confirm by replying and attaching your curriculum vitae (PDF/or MS Word file) for (no fee**) preliminary feedback on your International Legal Practice Internship prospects.

**Note: we will not actually make any efforts to place you until you have been admitted to the program, i.e. your completed application form, application fee and ALL supporting documents are received.