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Center for International Legal Studies

Leading Lawyers: Building Law Firms for the Future

Kitzbühel, Austria, Sunday, 26 January - Friday, 31 January 2020

Faculty Confirmation/Registration


Chaired by

Silvia L. Coulter

Patrcia McGovern


The way we work:
o benefits and disadvantages of alternative legal service providers and their impact on talent and client retention;
o technology and its good and bad effects on the practice of law;
o administrative outsourcing or other;
o remote and contract working;
o does the future lie with full service law firms or boutique firms concentrating on niche areas;
o the concept of the paperless office; the physical environment in which we now work (with technology, remote working, etc., less need for large spaces and perhaps more back office working) and the social, psychological and financial impact of all of these;
o Alternative suppliers for trade mark or patent renewals; IP practice trends
o aligning talent and client and talent recruitment;
o alignment of generations—from millennials to the silent generation
o retention and motivation;
o partner appraisal;
o the significance of female domination in the legal profession;
o formulating career progression plans, succession plans;
o partner rewards and integrating lateral hires…
Marketing and Business Development:
o retaining and growing clients across borders;
o generational differences between new buyers and service providers;
o business development trends and the newcomers in firms;
o the new client-facing professional: hiring and building a professional sales team

Registered Delegates and Faculty

David Aylen, Claudia Berndt, Robert G. Briner, Silvia Coulter, Beate Erwin, Utz Kador, Patricia McGovern, Christof Siefarth,